Software Defined Radio

Airspy HF+.

  • HF coverage between 9 kHz .. 31 MHz
  • VHF coverage between 60 .. 260 MHz


Soft66LC4 is currently the newest version in Soft66AD series. It is a direct conversion receiver and uses a DDS for the LO whose frequency can be controlled by a PC via USB.


The audio output signals, both I and Q channels, of Soft66LC4 are fed into the PC through the USB port, and processed by HDSDR.


You can see many CW signals in the frequency range from 7000kHz to 7030kHz, and can tune into any one of them, say, the one on 7009.880kHz, by simply clicking your mouse on that frequency.
Note: The signal pairs appearing symmetrically at f(LO) +/- delta are the received signal and its image, the strength of the latter is weaker but not zero.